Company of the Fist

Lucan's Last Stand

So ends the international chase!

With the Lord of Blades' minions tied up by their own Talentan mercenaries, the party resumed their pursuit of the spy-turned-vampire across the open countryside. Tracking him to a mysteriously maintained Dhakaani ziggurat, the group paused long enough to feel the stress of the day sink in and, giving up the advantage of time and daylight, camped at the entrance. As dusk began to fall, they marshalled together and proceeded inside. Fighting past creatures of both Xoriat and Mabar as well as tortured Dhakaani spirits, the group came to the lowest point of the temple, the throne room. It was here that an angry, desparate Lucan ambushed the group, nearly slaying the eladrin wizard, Vardin, before warping the minds of several party members, creating a chaos none were truly prepared for. Despite this, teamwork won out and as Lucan struggled against the icy fingers of Vardin's spell, it was Merric who used his shamanic totem, plunging it into the vampire's chest, to bind Lucan's spirit with his own physical form.



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